Mural by @miekevdmerwe made for Greenpop Eden Festival of Action 2018

The 2121 Museum of Plastic

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We are delighted to announce that we have been funded by the British Council’s Creative Commissions as part of their Climate Connection programme to support COP26 ambitions.

We are creating a brand new exhibition – “The 2121 Museum of Plastic” – in collaboration with the inspirational South African environmentalist group Greenpop and their Festival of Action.

Imagine it’s 2121, and we’re telling a 300-year long story of plastics. What is the most optimistic story we can imagine?

The world today can seem bleak, with terrifying predictions creating deep-seated anxiety for the future, and throwing doubt into the impact of our actions.

We want to tell a new story about plastics, one which helps us meaningfully frame our actions today as a vital part of a century-long story. We want to imagine the best-case-scenario for the future. We want to motivate ourselves into a positive self-fulfilling prophecy.

There will be 6 rooms in the museum, covering the past, the present and the future of plastics. This will be punctuated with newly commissioned mixed-reality art from young South African mural-artists, led by Greenpop.

Photo by Billetto Editorial on Unsplash

Be A Partner

We can’t do this alone: we’re looking for partners to collaborate with us on making this:

  • Museums and Curators – Can you help us tell a story, understanding the origins and spread of plastics? Can you help us source interesting 3D objects to include?
  • Environmentalists and Activists – Can you help us understand the 21st century plastics industry? Can you help us raise awareness about their current impact on the environment?
  • Scientists and Futurists – Can you provide cutting-edge research to understand the future of plastics? Do you have bold predictions or ideas for a future either without plastic, or reimagining plastics in a harmless way?

Please get in touch with Leo if you’re interested in getting involved or having a conversation.