Merry Christmas!

It has been sad not to see as many of you in person this year but we hope that you have kept healthy, safe and well.
Like many companies, we have had some ups and downs this year, but we’re ending this year on a high!
Here are some of the exciting things that have kept us busy!



We announced Curatours!

This new platform that we’ve been developing combines the last 4 years of our R&D and experience into a new destination for anyone interested in virtually visiting arts, culture and heritage sites either alone or with friends, family or their classmates.
We’re building out a series of backend tools for museums, creators and individuals to build their own tours for others to experience. The platform will be available on tablet, smartphone, desktop and VR headsets.
Read more about Curatours.

If you’re interested in partnering with us or know someone who might be please put them in touch!


Spaceteam VR – continuing updates and improvements!

Spaceteam VR was launched back in May, at a somewhat interesting time, and was loved by users and critics.

We’re #3 in UploadVR’s Quest multiplayer games list and in their top 25 games to buy for your Quest!

We have some exciting platform and update news to shout about in the New Year!

For now be sure to check out our latest update allowing you to play as our robots (CRT-3000, Cylindrake and Priscilla) in-game!

Visit the store page on Quest, STEAM or Viveport

Storyland – XRStories funding

We received funding from XR Stories ‘Young XR’ Fund to further develop our storytelling technology but with a target audience of children.

Storytelling using XR has been something we’ve been excited about as a company since we were established.

We also know that children are excited by the opportunity to put on a VR headset and the experience it offers – to step into a completely new world and to be able to create their own stories embodying a variety of characters is magical!
Watch this space!