4D Data Visualisation

Realtime data capture for XR. A powerful software solution to identify how people move, interact and look around virtual and physical spaces.

What is VoluMetrics?

Much like a 2D heatmap, traditionally used in web analytics, VoluMetrics offers you a way to visualise behaviour. It tracks everytime a person looks at something with in your experience, architectural design or game. Everytime a look is tracked the “heat” of the colour is increased. This means given a lot of data you can quickly zero in on the things that people really care about.

VoluMetrics will help you to understand your audience and how your application performs in the physical world better and to learn how to adapt and optimise your work. As well as tracking human behaviour it can also record and reflect any type of data such as in regards to how AIs move and interact in a space, how well, how often, and when certain actions, decisions or responses are triggered or even to import data from physical or handheld sensors.

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Game Development

VoluMetrics gives a new level of insight into user behaviour in experiences and applications. User testing is a critical part of creating fun, engaging and effective training, marketing, games and products especially in the field of XR.

User Paths

Identify where users go in a given environment, where they are looking, and what happens at each point. Did they find the hidden clue? Did they spend a long time absorbing the information you placed there? Did they choose the path you had planned?

Eye Tracking

VoluMetrics can track data for both XR controllers and HMDs however if you're using a HMD with individual eye tracking (such as Vive Pro Eye, Magic Leap or Hololens 2) it collects data for each eye separately.

Beyond Game Development

Here at Cooperative Innovations as well as in our games we're using VoluMetrics in several enterprise projects to help our customers understand their own products and designs. Reported usage never quite matches the reality of a user’s engagement, so we’re excited to share the power and depth that VoluMetrics brings to that process, quantitative data that can be approached from a qualitative point of view.

Marketing ROI

The data collection creates an opportunity to deliver ROI on marketing with in XR experiences. How often did a user look at a particular logo? How long did they spend watching a video they were shown? Which part of the particular advert image did they focus on?


Dwell time, popular paths, potential blockers and gaze tracking gives you a much better insight into user’s behaviour. This is not just passive data, you are able to know what interactions took place.

Viewing Options

All the data can be visualised in different heatmaps, over time, in a solid chuck and also overlaid together to give you the big picture.

Designing Physical Spaces

Architects and retailers alike need to understand the best way to design a space for the intended audience. VoluMetrics enables us to work with them to look at the best way to layout and merchandise an environment.

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