Motion River

Universal Mocap Streaming

MotionRiver is an open-source tool to stream motion capture data over the internet. MotionRiver interfaces with the Optitrack  and Vicon motion capture systems. The system takes mocap data and converts it into a universal format via a ‘Source’ app that sends it to a ‘Server’ app for streaming to the Unreal Game engine via a custom Live Link plugin.

Produced In Partnership

We developed MotionRiver working in Partnership with School of Creative Technologies at the University of Portsmouth and Thayaht, the team behind DAZZLE 2020.

Open Source

Open-source, easy to use and available to all. Revolutionising the use of mocap for games, TV & film and theatre.

Remote Viewing

Imagine being in VR and seeing a dance company from New Zealand live in your living room.

Remote Direction & Production

Imagine a Broadway theatre director being able to give stage notes to an actor rehearsing in London.

The MotionRiver tool is currently being used by Thayaht to develop DAZZLE –  artist Collectives Gibson/Martelli & Peut-Porter join forces to re-stage a Mixed-Reality version of the 1919 Chelsea Arts Club Dazzle Ball. After five years of war, and inspired by the naval dazzle-ship patterns, the original Ball applied zig-zag motifs to costumes and set design, playing with audiences vision and perception.

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