Our Technology Features Include

Voice chat with built in lip sync.

Advanced AI systems to simulate 1000s of actors above the standard support in most game engines.

Full body VR and AR avatars (with feet, knees, elbows) with positioning taken from as little as a headset and two controller positions.

Systems to allow quick content generation and iteration.

The ability to efficiently setup high quality immersive interactions and grips.

Mesh and scene optimisation tools for increased performance on standalone and mobile GPU based hardware.

Character and avatar proportion and look customisation tools.

Facial expressions and simulation of eye gaze for enhanced character believability of AI's or in social situations.

Heat-map tracking for identifying points of interest whether from an internal design POV or external analytics use.

We license our technology to a wide range of developers, publishers and other companies in a variety of industries.

The best technology comes from the people who are also end users – find out how we put our tech into action.

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Ikabod is a full body IK solver for bipeds.

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4D Data Visualisation. Realtime data capture for XR.

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