We’re excited to announce we’ve been working on adding more ways to play. Spaceteam: The Second Dimension is a non-VR version for those looking to enjoy all of the chaotic fun of Spaceteam VR on your old 21st century flat monitor.



Assemble a team of up to six space cadets and work together communicating and completing increasingly complex instructions. Keep your ship hurtling through space, despite the constant threat of annihilation, with swift witted deployment of your essential space tools.

Above all else, it’s important that you keep calm in the face of imminent destruction. Remember cadets, in order to avoid your inevitable demise you need to work together… as a Spaceteam!


Genre: Disaster Sci-Fi, Shout-Em-Up
Languages: Emoji, Technobabble, English (Galactic)
Type: Multiplayer, Panic, Co-op Crossplay, Mobile Multiplayer
Hardware: Oculus Rift, RiftS & Quest, PC VR, Vive and PSVR


With Others in VR

Up to six players, connected to the internet, in any popular VR headset can cooperate to try to figure out how to make their spaceship escape the ever oncoming super nova.

Select to ‘Host’ a game, make it private and share the code with your friends or make it public and wait for your team to assemble. Hit ‘Join Game’ to select from a list of public games or “Enter Code” if a friend has shared their game code with you. If you’re ready to join Spaceteam simply hit ‘Quick Play’ to jump in to the closest public game right now.

With Smart Phones

Up to six players, can play on various smart devices as long as one player has a VR headset with the game on it.

To VR player needs to lead the game, they will select “Play” then “Host Game” and turn the dial to “Face to Face”. The screen above you will give you a game code – share that code with the people you want to play with.

Players who are on smart devices need to navigate to on their browser and enter the “Game code” that the VR player will tells them. Each non VR play will be represented in the ship as a robot. The game starts when the VR player hits “Ready Up”.

All By Yourself

If you don’t have any friends that want to play right now, or if theres no one online you want to play with select ‘Practice Mode’ and you will be joined by two of our trusty robots who will help form your Spaceteam.


The spaceship has a few, eccentricities you need to work with in order to keep out of the path of a nearby supernova. You need to navigate each Sector by reading the instructions that appear on the monitor above your head and trying complete them.

Each instruction is made up of a selection of nouns, verbs and symbols, which are put together randomly to produce humorous technobabble, such as “Pump Inducer”, “Fill Debris” or “Set 😊 to 2.” There are hundreds of possible combinations.

The instruction you receive either applies to a Control on the console in front of you, or a control on another player’s console. If you don’t have it on your console, you need to communicate it with your Spaceteam. It is vital that each instruction gets completed within a certain amount of time. If you accidentally press a control that isn’t an instruction, they might break and become inoperable.


  • Infinite gameplay
  • Important space tools, hammer, fire extinguisher, raygun!
  • Slimy Aliens
  • Friendly Robots 
  • Technobabble
  • Auxiliary Technoprobes!
  • Customisable avatars, with excellent headgear!
  • Your inevitable demise!
  • Dancing!
  • Excitable punctuation!!!





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